De Icing Implant


Date: 2013 – 2014
Customer: “ADR Engineering S.r.l.”
Subject: De Icing Implant near the Runway Ahead 34 Left – Fiumicino Airport (Rome) – Italy
Purposes of the Project: The project include the upgrade of the two Holding Bay “AL” and “AK” with the following purposes:

  • allow De-Icing activity on two A380 aircrafts in the same time;
  • new pavement in order recuperate the de-icing fluid “Kilfrost” into containers;
  • safe parking area for de-icing trucks during the aircraft movement through the Holding Bay.

The project include the development of a technical area in order to:

  • produce and store hot water;
  • storage de-icing fluid “Kilfrost”;
  • provide hot water and Kilfrost into de-icing trucks;
  • parking the de-icing trucks during the summer time.
Drawing and specifications: The Detailed Project includes the following specializations:

Mechanical Systems

  • Piping for hot water supply
  • Piping for Kilfrost Supply
  • Rainwater and surface water drainage

Electrical systems:

  • Lightning Protection System and Grounding System;
  • Electrical Main Distribution 400V;
  • Panel boards 400V;
  • Electrical Power System;
  • Lighting System;
  • CCTV System;
  • Service Telephone and Data Network;
  • Control System for automatic refueling of the de-icing trucks with hot water and Kilfrost.

Airfield Lighting Systems:

  • Taxiway Airfield Lighting;
  • Stop Barr and Lead-In .
Position held: Designer
Amount of works: € 320.000,00 – Mechanical Systems

€ 320.000,00 – Electrical Systems

€ 220.000,00 – Airfield Lighting Systems