Police Headquarter Lugo


Date: 2007
Customer: “Architetti associati s.r.l.”
Subject: New Police Headquarters in “Lugo” (Ravenna) – Italy
  Detailed Project of

Plumbing Systems:

  • Potable cold and hot tap water supply
  • Plumbing Waste & Vent system;
  • Septic systems and gray water recovery and treatment systems;
  • Rainwater and surface water drainage
  • fuel gas piping
  • hydronics, ie heating and cooling systems

HVAC System

  • Heating and/or cooling load summary;
  • Technical room for heating unit and chiller
  • Size, type, insulation and layout of ventilation ducting;
  • Size, type, insulation and layout of exhaust ducting;
  • Diffusers, heat registers, return air grilles, dampers;
  • HVAC unit;
  • HVAC control System;

Electrical Systems:

  • Lightning Protection System and Grounding System.
  • Electrical Main Distribution 400V;
  • Panel boards 400V;
  • Electrical plan;
  • Lighting System;
  • Access Control system;
  • Anti-Intrusion system;
  • CCTV system;
  • Fire Detection System;
  • Emergency Call system;
  • Service Telephone and Data Network;
  • Public Information and Announcement Systems.


Position held: Designer
Amount of works: € 320.000,00 – Plumbing and Air Conditioning Systems

€ 220.000,00 – Electrical Systems

Drawings Exaple:

Year-2007-Police Headquarter Lugo-S0515T02_D-Lighting System-Plan

Year-2007-Police Headquarter Lugo-S0515T05_D-Electrical Sockets-Plan

Year-2007-Police Headquarter Lugo-S0515T08_D-Special System-Plan

Year-2007-Police Headquarter Lugo-S0515T11_D-Elettrical Power Special System-Plan

Year-2007-Police Headquarter Lugo-S0515T16_D-Potable cold and hot tap water supply-Plan

Year-2007-Police Headquarter Lugo-S0515T17_D-Plumbing Waste & Vent system-Plan

Year-2007-Police Headquarter Lugo-S0515T20_D-Hydronics, ie heating and cooling systems-Plan

Year-2007-Police Headquarter Lugo-S0515T23_D-Hydronics, ie heating and cooling systems-Diagram

Year-2007-Police Headquarter Lugo-S0515T24_D-Layout of ventilation ducting and exhaust-Plan