“RGL” Runway Guard Lights installation

One of my first project at Fiumicino Airport was the improvement of the RWY 34L Holding Bay.

I and my colleague Alessandro Allegrucci had to develop two new holding position for aircraft ICAO category “F” (Airbus A380).

One of the problem was find the right position for the “RGL” Runway Guard Lights.

ICAO Annex 14 don’t explain the RGL position in detail. We looked for an answer on the internet and finally found the Advisory Circular Document No.: AC 302-005 issued by Transport Canada.

The Transport Canada rules suggest the following position for RGL:

  • collocated with the runway holding position marking;
  • distance from the defined taxiway edge to the near side of an installed light fixture should be 3 to 5m.


The Advisory Circular Document No.: AC 302-005 gives us also information about:

  • RGL’s vertical orientation;
  • RGL’s horizontal orientation.

See more informations on Document No.: AC 302-005

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