AGL Loads Calculation

AGL Loads Calculation

One day someone asked me about electrical calculation for the “AGL” – Airfield Ground Lighting.
I didn’t know what answer immediately. Therefore, as usual, I started my own search about electrical calculation for the AGL in order to understand as much as possible and explain the argument at the best …

One of the main electrical calculations for the AGL is the electrical consumption for each series circuit. The knowledge of this electrical quantity is useful for several things, as shown below:

  • CCR (Constant Current Regulator) Rating determination;
  • setting up safety parameters on the CCR;
  • setting up alarm parameters for number of signals out of order;

The calculation sheet helps us to calculate the Total Energy Consumption of each serial circuit.

Let’s have an example.

Take in consideration 84 signals EAL (Elevated Approach Light) for Approach System.

The signals have LED light, and the consumption of each signal is 49W @6,6A – Power Factor 0,98.

In order to calculate the right value of consumption we have to take in consideration each part of the serial circuit that loose energy (Ohm’s law: W = V*I*cosf = R*I^2 ).

Therefore we have to take in consideration loose of energy in the primary circuit, in the secondary circuit and in the Isolation Transformer.

The following Calculation’s Sheet, “Airfield Ground Lighting – Loads Calculation” help us to calculate the power consumption of each serial circuit.


Attention Please! The Calculation’s Sheet is setted for:

  • primary circuits type: RG7H1R 1x10mmq
  • secondary circuits type: H07NRF 2x4mmq




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