Flying in the rain

Flying in the rain.

The weather was fun, lots of cloud showing the thermals and the wind rising up the mountains.
I took off with the glider Mono ASTIR SC. I was having a very enjoyable fly, but then it started to rain. I tried to escape without success … the rain was following me!
So I decided to have more fun, losing altitude!.

Flight-2015-09-20-M-Img01I take off with a beautiful weather.

Flight-2015-09-20-M-Img02It starts to rain.

Flight-2015-09-20-M-Img03I drop altitude with some funny maneuvers.


Flight-2015-09-20-M-Img06I land with the rain and 15 knots of wind behind.
I didn’t miss anything … !

For more see the video :

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