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AGL Loads Calculation One day someone asked me about electrical calculation for the “AGL” – Airfield Ground Lighting. I didn’t know what answer immediately. Therefore, as usual, I started my own search about electrical calculation for the AGL in order to understand as much as possible and explain the argument […]

AGL Loads Calculation

Flying in the rain. The weather was fun, lots of cloud showing the thermals and the wind rising up the mountains. I took off with the glider Mono ASTIR SC. I was having a very enjoyable fly, but then it started to rain. I tried to escape without success … […]

Flying in the rain

Flying with my friend and instructor Claudio Pelos. After a little training flight in the morning, I was ready for a solo flight in the afternoon, when Claudio asked me if I would go flying with him. We fitted out the glider DG 500 I-IVSB with all our equipment and […]

Flying with Claudio

One of my first project at Fiumicino Airport was the improvement of the RWY 34L Holding Bay. I and my colleague Alessandro Allegrucci had to develop two new holding position for aircraft ICAO category “F” (Airbus A380). One of the problem was find the right position for the “RGL” Runway […]

“RGL” Runway Guard Lights installation

This is my own reproduction of “Sierra” a very old model sold by Cremona Model during the years 80s. The fuselage was made by PVC and the wing was made by polystyrene covered with a sheet of balsa wood. After it was broken during one of my crazy flight I […]


It was my wife that gifted me a new radio control for my birthday on our first year of marriage, therefore I started to built this model after 10 years of pause. This is a reproduction of the L19 Bird Dog. General characteristics of the real Aircraft Crew: one/two Length: […]

L19 Bird Dog

this is a test page today is a beautiful day I like this day! This is the firs row of the table This is the second row of the table and this is the third row of the table this is the last row   Date: 2009 Customer: “Arch. Carlo […]

test page