Cathedral of Bengazi

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-img_001   Picture on my first sightseeing

Date: 2009
Customer: “Arch. Carlo Formichi”
Subject: Cathedral of Benghazi – Libya
  Detailed Project of

Electrical Systems:

  • Electrical Substation 20kV/400V;
  • Lightning Protection System and Grounding System.
  • Electrical Main Distribution 400V;
  • Panel boards 400V;
  • Electrical Power System;
  • Lighting System;
  • Access Control System;
  • Anti-Intrusion System;
  • CCTV System;
  • Fire Detection System;
  • Emergency Call System;
  • Service Telephone and Data Network.
Position held: Designer
Amount of works: € 1.500.000,00 – Electrical Systems

Drawings Exaple:

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-S0904TV108_0-Lighting System-Plan

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-S0904TV109_0-Lighting System-Details

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-S0904TV203_0-Diagram of Power

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-S0904TV205_0-Electrical Sockets-Plan

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-S0904TV207_0-Electrical Sockets-Details

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-S0904TV208_0-Panelboards

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-S0904TV305_0-Special Systems-Plan

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-S0904TV306_0-Special Systems-Details

Year-2009-Cathedral of Benghazi-S0904TV307_0-Special Systems-Details